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March 12, 2014

Apple Released iOS 7.1 with Major AirPlay Bug Fix

Apple released iOS 7.1 with interface refinements, bug fixes, improvements and new features on Monday. But has the Airplay bug been fixed?

During the test of X-Mirage, we have found that AirPlay on iOS 7 is not as stable as on iOS 6 and we have reported a serious bug to Apple:
After using the iOS 7.1 today, we find that Apple has fixed the bug and AirPlay is more stable than before, so our distinguished X-Mirage users, you can update to iOS 7.1 freely and enjoy more fantastic AirPlay Mirroring and Streaming services. Getting the update is easy. Go to Settings. Select General. And tap Software Update.


November 15, 2013

Why teachers need X-Mirage – the AirPlay Receiver for Mac and Windows PC?

As a teacher, there must be times that you need to show content-related stuff to your class. You may also use laptop and projector to project to the pull-down screen. But you can’t leave the computer if you don’t have a wireless mouse or controller, yes?

Wanna work around the classroom while take over the computer, or display contents on your iPad? You need an AirPlay Receiver called X-Mirage – mirror display of  AirPlay devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod) to the screen of the laptop which is projected to the class, then iOS device’s screen is displayed to all students in the classroom.x-mirage-in-teachingBesides using X-Mirage to show your device’s screen to the students, you can also let students show their iPads on the projector since X-Mirage supports multiple devices simultaneously. You can set password that limits unwanted access to the Mac running X-Mirage. What a convenient way to display students’ work to others!

Display contents without bringing the iOS devices is impossible! Just record it in advance and play the .mp4 video when you need. With the one-click recording function of X-Mirage, what is mirrored to the Mac can be recorded, with sounds.


Wanna share something interesting to your class? Just take out your iPhone and connect to X-Mirage, what displayed on your iPhone is mirrored to the Mac screen, then the projector.