X-Mirage turns your Mac into an AirPlay receiver

  • Date: March 25, 2014
  • Author: Jeff L
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Show off your iOS device’s wherever there is a Mac. All you need is an AirPlay Receiver for Mac – X-Mirage, which runs on your Mac and turns your Mac to the AirPlay Receiver to receive contents such as photos, videos, music, etc. to your Mac or mirror the display to the bigger Mac screen. So no matter whether you are an iOS app developer who needs to demonstrate app, or a teacher planning to display contents from iOS devices to all students, or just want to showcase your photos or game skills to friends, as long as you have a Mac at hand, all these are just a piece of cake.

All you need to do is download and install X-Mirage on your Mac, then tap AirPlay icon on your iOS devices, select  your Mac in the available AirPlay devices list and then turn on Mirroring(same to connect to Apple TV). Immediately you will find the iOS device screen is mirrored to the bigger Mac screen. Tap full screen to get best experience. Now do whatever you want on your iOS devices and ask your audience to stare at the Mac screen.

During  mirroring, click the Record icon on the mirrored screen to record anything conveniently.

Latest version of X-Mirage provides lossless quality audio-only airplay receiver option, which is useful when you just want to stream audio without video.