June 10, 2014

Display your iPhone/iPad/iPod screen on computer monitor

Sometimes you may want to show contents on your iPhone/iPad/iPod on a bigger screen, especially when you show photos, enjoy movies or play iOS games with family and friends. Why not use your computer monitor to display iPhone/iPad/iPod screen via AirPlay Mirroring?

X-Mirage is an AirPlay receiver that allows you to wirelessly display your iPad/iPhone/iPod screen on your computer. It has both Windows version and Mac version, so as long as you have a Mac or Windows PC connected to the same Wi-Fi network with your iPad/iPhone/iPod, you can mirror the iOS device screen on a big monitor wirelessly.

Download and install X-Mirage on your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to turn on Mirroring on your iOS devices, then you can see the iOS screen appears on the computer monitor, and everything you do on your iPhone/iPad/iPod is shown on the screen in real-time.


You can also see a circle button on the right side when you hover your cursor over the mirrored screen, hit it and X-Mirage begins to record iOS screen activities, which is very convenient to record how you play iOS games. After recording, it outputs MP4 file for sharing or local view.


May 29, 2014

X-Mirage for Windows is released – Turn your Windows PC into AirPlay receiver

We are so honored to announce the release of Windows version of X-Mirage after 6 months of hard work. X-Mirage, running on Windows PC, allows you to use that PC as an AirPlay receiver to receive contents from iOS devices or Mac over a Wi-fi connection. In other words, you can stream video, audio, photo or mirror the screen of iOS devices or Mac to this Windows PC, and record iOS screen activities easily.


With X-Mirage, everything shown on the iOS screen is wirelessly streamed to your Windows PC in real time.
First, check that you have AirPlay Mirroring compatible devices. AirPlay Mirroring is available on iPad 2 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer, iPod Touch (5th generation), and iMac (Mid 2011 or newer), Mac mini (Mid 2011 or newer), MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or newer), and MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or newer) with Mountain Lion.

Ensure the devices and Windows PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: Download X-Mirage for Windows and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Run X-Mirage. From the slideshow on the interface you can know how to turn on AirPlay Mirroring on your iOS devices and Mac.

Step 3: After connecting iOS device to your Window PC via AirPlay Mirroring, you will see the iOS device screen on the Windows PC; you can mirror multiple iOS devices screen to one Windows PC simultaneously.


As you can see there is a record button on the mirrored screen, click it and the recording of the mirrored screen (namely the iOS screen) starts, so it is a great choice to record your iOS device screen.



Or tap the AirPlay icon in a specific app — Photos, Videos, Music, or any AirPlay-enabled app to stream contents from iOS devices to Windows PC via X-Mirage.


March 25, 2014

X-Mirage turns your Mac into an AirPlay receiver

Show off your iOS device’s wherever there is a Mac. All you need is an AirPlay Receiver for Mac – X-Mirage, which runs on your Mac and turns your Mac to the AirPlay Receiver to receive contents such as photos, videos, music, etc. to your Mac or mirror the display to the bigger Mac screen. So no matter whether you are an iOS app developer who needs to demonstrate app, or a teacher planning to display contents from iOS devices to all students, or just want to showcase your photos or game skills to friends, as long as you have a Mac at hand, all these are just a piece of cake.

All you need to do is download and install X-Mirage on your Mac, then tap AirPlay icon on your iOS devices, select  your Mac in the available AirPlay devices list and then turn on Mirroring(same to connect to Apple TV). Immediately you will find the iOS device screen is mirrored to the bigger Mac screen. Tap full screen to get best experience. Now do whatever you want on your iOS devices and ask your audience to stare at the Mac screen.

During  mirroring, click the Record icon on the mirrored screen to record anything conveniently.

Latest version of X-Mirage provides lossless quality audio-only airplay receiver option, which is useful when you just want to stream audio without video.

March 12, 2014

Apple Released iOS 7.1 with Major AirPlay Bug Fix

Apple released iOS 7.1 with interface refinements, bug fixes, improvements and new features on Monday. But has the Airplay bug been fixed?


During the test of X-Mirage, we have found that AirPlay on iOS 7 is not as stable as on iOS 6 and we have reported a serious bug to Apple:

After using the iOS 7.1 today, we find that Apple has fixed the bug and AirPlay is more stable than before, so our distinguished X-Mirage users, you can update to iOS 7.1 freely and enjoy more fantastic AirPlay Mirroring and Streaming services. Getting the update is easy. Go to Settings. Select General. And tap Software Update.


February 10, 2014

AirPlay Receiver for PC – X-Mirage Windows version is coming soon!

A lot of users have been concerned with the Windows version of X-Mirage since the release of X-Mirage for Mac, which we are really appreciated. We have never stopped working hard on the Windows version and we are so honored to announce that the Windows version is almost finished and we are going to release it soon. Pay attention to our website and maybe you are the lucky one to get X-Mirage for Windows free of charge.


November 15, 2013

Why teachers need X-Mirage – the AirPlay Receiver for Mac and Windows PC?

As a teacher, there must be times that you need to show content-related stuff to your class. You may also use laptop and projector to project to the pull-down screen. But you can’t leave the computer if you don’t have a wireless mouse or controller, yes?

Wanna work around the classroom while take over the computer, or display contents on your iPad? You need an AirPlay Receiver called X-Mirage – mirror display of  AirPlay devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod) to the screen of the laptop which is projected to the class, then iOS device’s screen is displayed to all students in the classroom.x-mirage-in-teachingBesides using X-Mirage to show your device’s screen to the students, you can also let students show their iPads on the projector since X-Mirage supports multiple devices simultaneously. You can set password that limits unwanted access to the Mac running X-Mirage. What a convenient way to display students’ work to others!

Display contents without bringing the iOS devices is impossible! Just record it in advance and play the .mp4 video when you need. With the one-click recording function of X-Mirage, what is mirrored to the Mac can be recorded, with sounds.


Wanna share something interesting to your class? Just take out your iPhone and connect to X-Mirage, what displayed on your iPhone is mirrored to the Mac screen, then the projector.

November 1, 2013

X-Mirage 1.02.9 released! – Support IPV6

X-Mirage 1.02.9 released!

  •  Support IPV6(Internet Protocol Version 6)network environment.
  •  Fix the problem that iOS7 devices can’t be connected after password protection.

October 29, 2013

X-Mirage 1.02.7 Released!

X-Mirage 1.02.7 Released!

  • Fix a crash bug during exporting recorded file in certain cases.


Please download it here: http://dl.x-mirage.com/x-mirage.dmg